March 4, 2021
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Toronto: Scientists have identified a protein that enables the spread of tumours by binding cancer cells together and allowing them to invade tissues, paving the way for new therapies to treat the deadly disease. The groundbreaking study identified a protein, known as cadherin-22, as a potential factor in cancer metastasis, or spreading. It decreases the […]Continue Reading
Berlin: Artificial lighting at night is contributing to an alarming increase in light pollution, both in amount and in brightness, affecting places all over the world, including India, a study has found. Municipalities, enterprises, and households are switching to LED lights in order to save energy. However, these savings might be lost if their neighbours […]Continue Reading
London: Scientists have taken an important step forward in their quest to develop an effective vaccine against tuberculosis – the world’s deadliest infectious disease. Tuberculosis (TB) kills more people than any other infection, with an estimated 1.7 million people worldwide die from it every year, researchers said. The airborne disease is becoming Continue Reading
Bangalore Cover Story
Indira Lankesh gets court injunction against former employees, barring them from using Gauri or her father’s name for a new publication being planned, tactically supported by Siddaramaiah government A city court has issued injunction against the employees of Gauri Lankesh’s tabloid from starting a new newspaper using her name, or her father’s, in the title. […]Continue Reading