April 15, 2021
Bangalore Cover Story

Mother says no to using gauri lankesh’s name for new tabloid

Indira Lankesh gets court injunction against former employees, barring them from using Gauri or her father’s name for a new publication being planned, tactically supported by Siddaramaiah government

A city court has issued injunction against the employees of Gauri Lankesh’s tabloid from starting a new newspaper using her name, or her father’s, in the title. The injunction was issued by the Principal City Civil and Sessions Judge following a plaint by Gauri’s mother Indira Lankesh.

In the last few weeks, there were reports that Chandre Gowda and other employees of Gauri’s newspaper were planning to launch a new tabloid under the title ‘Naanu Gauri’ to carry forward her legacy. It was speculated to be tactically supported by the Siddaramaiah government and construed as an attempt to carry forward Gauri’s ‘leftist idealogy’.

The court has restrained Gowda and others from “printing, publishing and circulating weekly tabloid in the name of ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrike’ or with any prefix and suffix to ‘Lankesh Patrike’ or in the name of ‘Naanu Gauri’ till the next date of hearing”. The tabloid run by Gauri – who was shot dead by unknown assailants on September 5 this year outside her house – was popular as ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrike’, but in reality, the registered title was ‘Ranjane, Bodhane, Prachodane Lankesh’. The original tabloid started by her father is ‘Lankesh Patrike’. This is run by her brother Indrajit Lankesh now.


Gauri’s leftist ideology was well-known and her activism and efforts to bring naxals of Karnataka to the mainstream had the support of the government.
The plaint by Indira makes no bones about the possibility of not only Gauri but also Lankesh’s name being misused in ideological political battles. The plaint says:
“The groundwork, the meetings, the plannings and [the idea to] relaunch the Gauri Lankesh Patrike and/or ‘Naanu Gauri’ is a blow on the name and fame of Lankesh family. There is every possibility of misusing the name and fame of late Mr P Lankesh and Late Ms Gauri Lankesh. The capacity to convince, represent and reflect the ideology of Lankesh family of Ms Gauri Lankesh is impossible for the defendant.

“If at all the defendant or anybody indulge themselves in bringing out the weekly tabloid in the name of ‘Lankesh Patrike’ or ‘Naanu Gauri’, with any prefix or suffix, the same would not only damage the reputation of plaintiff’s family but also will rupture the recognition of Lankesh Patrike and popularity of Gauri Lankesh.”

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