March 8, 2021


The Hemachala Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy is famous for its Swayambhu deity with a vast historical background and cultural heritage is located on the Mallur Ghat in the Mangapeta mandal of Warangal district is the most ancient architecture. The speciality of the temple is that the belly part of Moolavirat idol is as soft as human skin. The height of the mollaviraat idol is 10 feet high and the dwjasthambha here at the temple is nearly 60 feet in height. There is a continuous water flow near the temple, where its from the top of the hills. Near the temple there is a rockformed Anjaneya swamy statue. The temple is renovated during Godavari pushkarams in 2003. Sri Hemachalam came into existence due to the oldest beliefs in these traditions and customs.

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