March 4, 2021
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Women unsafe in ‘below the belt’ Pratap Simha’s constituency: Prakash Raj

Bengaluru: Renowned actor Prakash Raj has sent a legal notice to Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha through his advocate Naveen Nagarjuna for posting derogatory remarks on Raj through the social media after the actor termed Prime Minister Modi a bigger actor than him.

Prakash Raj who has been posting tweets with the hashtag #justasking, crticising the policy decisions of the central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi such as the demonetisation, censorship, moral policing etc., off late was trolled by Pratap Simha for his remarks.

Simha in a tweet dated October 2 says, “Being sad due to son’s death, having left your wife and ran behind a dancer, do you Mr. Raj have any right/legitimacy/worthiness to say anything to Yogi-Modi.” The tweet came a day after the actor questioned the prime minister’s silence following the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

Speaking to media persons here in Bengaluru, Prakash Raj said that he had sent a legal notice to Pratap Simha as a citizen of this country for the way he was being trolled by an elected representative of the nation but clarified that this was not against any party.

“His tweets are aimed at instigating me and have disturbed my personal life. I am asking him to answer legally and if he doesn’t, I will be taking criminal action against him”, he stated.

Terming Pratap Simha a serial offender who trolled people and made derogatory remarks on social media, Prakash Raj recalled that when the wife of late senior leader Mahadeva Prashad stood for elections in Karnataka, the BJP MP had the audacity to say that he thought she was in mourning but instead she was greedy for power.”

He also expressed concern for the women in Simha’s constituency as several youth are followers of the leader. “He represents a constituency and I’m worried about the women there as the youth are following him. We need social media, we need discussions but don’t strike below the belt. Don’t destroy the social fabric. In this light, I have taken this stand. I will fight, he might be an influential person”, he said.

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